Best Travelling Apps Of 2014

Travelling apps help to make our life a little bit easier, especially in the case off an unexpected event occurs. The app developers have dedicated most of their time on these apps to make life a little bit easier for the travels. The following are the best travelling apps


This provides with a database of emergency numbers that a person can call while faced with a life threatening situation. This app is found on android and contains information of embassies, it’s so important to a person who is lost in a foreign country as it may help you locate the embassy of your home country.


It gives information about international flights, especially to those awaiting their friends or relatives at the airport. Various information is available such as delays of flights or even cancellation of flights. These apps are available on the iPhone, iPad, Android and even on Windows phones. 3. PACKING Apt helps travelers to create a packing list and to frequently check on the items packed. It gives various samples of what to pack and this acts as a guideline to travelers thereby making it easy to prepare for a vacation. Lists for various trips can be saved and hence you can refer when planning for such a trip again.


This app is so necessary, especially in cases of travelling beyond the border of your country whereby you will be required to exchange some money in order to get the currency of the country you travelling to to facilitate various transactions in that country. The app keeps you up to date as long as you are connected to the internet of changes in the international currency markets.


This app allows you to translate 57 languages into your preferred language. You receive the translation by speaking to the phone and the phone may display it making it easier for you to read.


This app allows a traveler to receive weather updates for over two million geographical places all over the world. This will help the traveler in preparation for the journey, especially on deciding on the type of clothes to wear and even on deciding whether to carry an umbrella in case o he or she is notified of the possibility of rain in a particular period of time. It gives all information regarding the weather and the atmosphere, for example wind speed,clouds,humidity etc.



It’s a community based app for route planning. It gives information about the shortest way to follow to get to where you are going. This is possible through its instant updates about the traffic. This may help you to avoid roads where the vehicles are moving slowly due to various occurrences such as an accident.

Development in technology has eased travelling to most people, especially due to extensive use of the travelling apps listed above.


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Amber Rosh is a Guest Blogger, living in Manchester UK. She works for a leading SEO Service, she writes on behalf of Esta. She is a travel freak and loves to share her experiences through blogging

Review on Dealguru by Askme

Online marketing is rising. Especially with climbing cost of taxes, land and property bricks and mortar shops are falling fast. Online marketing enables traders and individuals to buy/sell goods far quickly and be hassle-free too along with saving prices. While many online shopping portals cater to the consumer marketplace, not many are there for the sellers. DealGuru has come up with AskMeBazaar – an online portal site, which greatly aid sellers, liquidate their stock inventory. We take a look at some of the attributes and advantages it provides over others.
askmebazaar dealguru

They make it work

AskMeBazaar requests product samples from sellers; reviews and quotes a proper sum, and upon evidence on DealGuru, the deal is made live from seller.

  1. All the required photo-shoots and content is generated by AskMeBazaar for the product.
  2. The orders are generated by DealGuru and delivers goods to the buyers.
  3. A Confirmation call made upon successful delivery to buyer.
  4. After a successful delivery the sum is transferred to the sellers after due tax write-off of fee and fulfilment costs.
  5. Their dedicated online shopping portal site is managed by Getit Stored Private Limited. The sellers provide wholecountrywide coverage with few exclusions due to logistic reasons. Yet, international delivery isn’t handled at the second. Normally, all delivery are free but if charges use, the sellers are duly educated to the buyer. Order cancellation is also available at buyer’s behest.

Product Ranges Accessible

A broad range of merchandise is available for customers. They are now managing with more than 1000 live deals with more than 900 affiliated sellers. Reductions of upto 90% are accessible on many products also.

With growing demand and increasing internet penetration in India, sellers can save a lot by selling goods through online portals. Such an opportunity is supplied by DealGuru from AskMeBazaar whereby the sellers can readily liquidate their stocks and the buyers can buy at great discount rates without the hassle of hunting for a physical store and appreciate cash on delivery. With such unique and dedicated network, DealGuru seems to have a bright future ahead supplying seller and buyer satisfaction at amounts that are equal.

Does Your Car Have These Latest Gadgets

Many people dream of owning cars. Simple cars that cost less can be fulfilling dream. But do you know that a car without the latest gadgets installed will not give you the best services? Depending on what you love and prefer, some gadget installed in your car can make your driving experience better. The big question you should ask is, does your car have these latest gadgets?

In car DVD gadgets

Today, the in car DVD solutions have become an important part of cars. In fact, car manufacturers install the latest DVD players to make the music listening better when driving. The aftermarket items can be installed at affordable rates. Today, the DVD headrest screen will give users a variety of features. In these DVD players, you get to play games, playback movies in different formations. You can also link the DVD players using external devices such as the PlayStation and iPods.

The power converter

Many people do not realize the importance of power converters in your car. In fact, if you have kids, they will not know the importance of these devices. The quality converters allow you to use laptops when you visit remote places. The converter helps to power the consoles and other electrical devices. The power converter is used with other gadgets to turn your vehicle into an entertainment zone.

Switch Hitch back up camera

This is a portable gadget. It makes the hook up easy. You need to affix this magnetic camera to the tailgate, then while sitting in your driver’s seat, view all the actions from the handheld screen. The camera has night vision and becomes the ideal car camera to have.

Car Bluetooth player

If you drive a car and need of connection most of the times, the car Bluetooth is something to have. With this gadget, you will not be forced to use hands that can lead to distraction. You have ample time driving safely. It pairs your car stereo and the phones together. It makes it easy for information exchange between the phones and stereo. The only point of contention is that not all phones are compatible.

Kensington proximo

The gadget is ideal for the business people who fear losing the phones. You just leave the sensor inside your car. If you are to a new location, the sensor allows you to know the location where you packed the car through the Smartphone use. You can also attach one to the key ring to avoid losing them.

Portable battery jump starter

If your car battery breakdown, you do not have to worry. The jump starter can give 500 amps in continuous power. It helps drivers to get back their trucks and car to the service. When your car battery runs down, you do not have to worry where to get power. The good news is that you can recharge it for future use.

Every driver, no matter the car they are driving must be competent to avoid accidents. That is why you need to undertake the dsa driving test to avoid running into problems. You can book online for these tests.

All About AskMe Android and iOS Application

ASKME App is the App which has got quite popular now. Many people who have seen the advertisement of this App on their television have downloaded this App. You will additionally download ASKME App instantly if you’ve still not downloaded this popular App, then after reading this article. In this ASKME App review, I am attempting to make you know the reasons to download ASKME App.

ASKME App developed by ‘GetIt Infoservices Pvt.Ltd’ is an impressive multipurpose App. It’ll assist you in various different ways and that’s why it may be rated by you among the finest Android Apps.

ASKME App can help you in Finding out any Eatery, Store or Company

Are you someone who keeps going to new places? One of the issue while we are in new city that we confront is that we might not be able to find stores or good restaurants. With ASKME finding out shop or any restaurant is quite simple. If you’ll search for any restaurant ASKME Program will provide you all the details that are required. This can help you in saving your time and you will never get misdirected in the new city.

In Saving Cash you will be helped by deals

Drilled hunting for deals? Now you shouldn’t waste any time in searching for deals. ASKME will tell you all the deals that are accessible. You’ll also find people are trying to sell out various material using ASKME App’s free classified ads section. If you would like to know all such greatest bargains, then you need to instantly download this Program for yourself.

ASKME Program is BAPP of all Apps

You are going to forget many other Programs because ASKME App is the ‘BAPP of all Apps’. You might have not been able to get required info with a few other Apps, but this won’t ever happen when you’ll use ASKME Program. Because ton of advice is feeded into this App. the BAPP of all Apps is really it, I’m really surprised that ASKME Program is having so much information.

ASKME App is the Program which will provide you with absolute gratification. ASKME App will definitely make you joyful if you were always trying to find a Program which can provide you with accurate details regarding anything then. After downloading this Program you can make me understand your view concerning this App.

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Top Six Tools for Web Designers

Being familiar with the most advanced web design tools has many advantages. The process of web design seems to be no more challenging and the end-result is completely up-to-date with the latest trends. There are a number of tools that can help a designer create a great website, by eliminating the need for a lot of coding. In the midst of so many options, how do you choose the best ones? Do not worry, as this article will tell you about the six best tools for a web designer.

Wix – Available in free as well as paid version, Wix is the weapon to use when you want to build a site in HTML5 version. The template designs that this tool offers are exclusive that make creating visually appealing websites easier and more interesting. The free version comes with many features but, going for the paid service will give you access to unlimited features.

Dunked – For all aspiring web designers who are still acquiring extensive coding knowledge, Dunked can come to their rescue while building a strong online portfolio. The tool offers amazing responsive designs that can be used without encountering any programming issues. The adjustment of format and colours is simple. You have the option to pick up from a fine assortment of template designs. No matter which design you select, you will be able to customize it easily. Since they are all responsive, they can fit into any mobile and tablet device. For an eye-catching responsive design, Dunked is your best bet.

Designly – The purpose behind the creation of Designly was to make website building the easiest and a fun job. The creators had in mind that web design should not be about complicated coding or any restrictions in the respect of applying unique designs. Designly is extremely easy to use especially, for the beginners as not a wide base of coding knowledge is required to accomplish the task of building a user-friendly website.

PrestaShop – This tool for creating ecommerce websites is the favourite of almost every web designer and for good reasons. The template designs are responsive. The default theme is great and can be easily tailored according to different design needs. The latest 1.6 version of Prestashop is available with a better backend and frontend features.

SquareSpace – With SquareSpace, building a HTML5 website is no more time-consuming. You can take advantage of the wide collection of template designs catering to diverse industries. Each of the templates can be used for developing mobile-friendly sites. The availability of high-quality images and graphics is another striking feature of this web design tool. Like Wix, it is available in both paid and free versions. The free version offers you quite a few features while the paid one can amaze with abundant features.

IM Creator – Just three years in the field and already a winner, IM Creator is a popular choice when it comes to building HTML5 websites. Whether you are working on an education site or a corporate one, you can choose from a large list of exquisite template designs that are easy to customize. The designs compliment all mobile and tablet devices.

So, with these six fantastic web design tools, you can be confident that your web designing career is on the rise.

Author Bio – George Taylor is a tech fanatic and he eats, thinks and sleeps technology. Being a veteran web designer, his knowledge in this vast domain is thorough and enriched. Often he comes up with interesting pieces about the most helpful and latest web design tools on leading publications. Click here to know more about George’s articles.

Samsung galaxy S6 release date,specs :Samsung galaxy S6

Since the Samsung galaxy S5 was released and now a few months later, there are already rumors about its next series the S6,The Samsung Galaxy S6 release rumors have made waves on the web so as to google nexus 7 and we can’t help but wonder what this new phone has to offer,so wait and see what Samsung has in store for us and we have no option but to wait.


The Galaxy S6 release date in the month of August 2014 as Galaxy S5 was released in the month of April 2014 Let’s hope Samsung will bring something interesting in Galaxy Note 4 and next level .


Samsung is climbing with next stair of its market the all new Galaxy Note 3 but the future is not so easy. Google will come with up the unbeatable price & performance ratio smartphone,the good news confirms the presence of Exynos 8000 series chipset in the Galaxy S6.

  • Expect the new upgrades to be a 20MP high-quality rear camera and 4-7 front camera on the Samsung S6.
  • A 64 GB processor is a safe bet for the S6. Rumors have suggested that an octa-core processor will be seen.
  • The upcoming Snapdragon 810 would be powering our next flagship Galaxy S6.
  • Quad HD display screen with 40 ppi is expected with the 5.1’’ screen. The S5 touted a 1080 full-screen HD display.
  • There have been rumors that a battery life of 4000mAH is possible.
  • options for 32 GB and 64 GB internal storage. Also available will be 256 GB of storage available via microSD
  • New GPU hardware would improve the efficiency by 30%. Among other features of the Snapdragon platform includes support for LPDDR4 RAM standards.


It is  likely to be a little more expensive than previous phones like note 3 in the Galaxy S series. Expect something from USD 750 to 800.

Innovative and Flexible in Effectiveness with Technology Modern and Sophisticated to your Business

Business process management (BPM) is really a holistic approach of evaluating customer requirement, and bringing them in line with all the business processes from the organization. An innovative and flexible approach outcome in effectiveness and efficiency, which when integrated with technology, gets to be a highly potent entity that may continuously encourage the process of improvement. This process optimization enhances the clear ability of an organization to surpass normal amounts of efficiency and capabilities, helping to create revenues each of the year-round.

This stated most professionals are going use this business management software in earnest, to be sure the smooth running of their businesses. Interestingly it is not just the owners and managers of small medium and big enterprises who benefit from this software, but also nearly each individual in whichever level they can be while in the company.

First Problem Tracker appeared in early 90s. 20 years later first issue trackers for enterprise collaboration and business process automation start to emerge. Comindware Tracker is one among this kind of systems and it is most likely one of many ideal ones because it leverages its very own Semantic Data Storage™ technology. This technology allows the user to alter processes around the fly, almost in one click, and model workflow schemes in a user pleasant graphical environment.

It truly is a web-solution that may be integrated into MS Outlook. Net application includes a number of rewards evaluating to a desktop application, such as quick time for process modeling. As there’s no time for your process submission from desktop to a server, the processes start to run right following you might have designed them and clicked on ‘save’.

No need to say that Saabs model (cloud solution) is extremely popular now and gives among the greatest approaches of maintaining and processing the data creating them obtainable from any part of the planet with only a password and a log in. For bigger companies with distinct functions from the strongest security measures it’s attainable to acquire an on-premise version with every one of the data kept inside of the company.

Comindware Tracker includes a graphical workflow builder and also other elements from the process may be modeled in visual mode. This can be in contrast to a website building: if you want to create a website, you will need to know a minimum of one programming language, such as HTML. If it was attainable to merely Drag & Drop elements of a website in the browser window, anybody could produce a website. With most trackers creating a workflow was a long and complicated process. With Comindware workflow visual builder anyone can automate a business process without programming. You only need two things for this – run the application and have the administrator rights in it.

This easiness of working with Comindware will surely attract attention to this software. The possibility to not merely quickly modeling the process but in addition bringing any changes into it on-the-fly is something quite few trackers have nowadays. And even any other tracker can let you alter your business model; Comindware Tracker gives you the simplest way for it: whenever you need to bring changes into the workflow, Drug&Drop new components and the process runs through the new scheme you might have just created.

Easy and Productive Ways to Boost the Traffic to Your Online Portal

You have worked extremely well to create a great e-commerce website. You have produced a simply eye-catching design to give your website a pleasant look after investing a good amount but what’s next after it? The basic purpose of any e-commerce web design south Africa is to bring maximum number of relevant traffic to attain higher rankings on search engines. But how it should be achieved? How your site can get enormous traffic without spending much money for its advertising? We will help you to achieve these goals. 
Though every single person who is indulge in this online industry knows that it’s simply not easy to drive brilliant traffic quickly, there are some legitimate ways that can surely help you to do it much faster.
Content is the Real King:
It’s pretty easy to get lost in this highly populated and competitive industry. Start writing blogs and update your customers about the latest products and their features by publishing attractive content. Your site’s main focus should be to produce excellent content to captivate the audiences. It will be a plus point if you add relevant keywords into your content.
Effective Social Media:
This is one of the effective ways to promote your business and generate maximum leads. If you create a Facebook page that informs your audience about the latest updates and products will increase the credibility.
Simpler is better:
Everyone is aware that the smooth the checkout process is, the maximum people will purchase. Most of the time it happens that customer select an item from a store but they drop it once they see a complicated checkout process. This makes customer to switch towards other stores.You need to make sure that navigation through every page is simple and quick.
Email Marketing:
Email marketing still leads the race and regarded as an effective way to reach out the targeted audience and create long-term relationships with customers. You should always focus on creating the email database for its effective usage when required.

Link Building:
The Google algorithm’s mechanism is based on the sites linked to your online store. It would be beneficial for you if some sites are organically linked to your website. You may also achieve organic links through blogging and news sites.

Significance importance of the Ipad POS System

Ipad POS is one of the most famous trend of the business in the market in recent times. Ipad POS is the best way of making the business easy and fast. It records all the activities of the business including the records of the transactions. Gone are the times when bulky records were to be made entries into computer. The Ipad POS System is easy to be used and is very versatile. With the help of the POS System the business has been revolution in the counters of the sales. The amazing Ipad POS System isn’t much expensive it can be purchased by most of the businessmen. The earlier versions of the software had been much expensive but this software is within the reach of the common business man. The best part if this software is that is it flexible in operating it. The system has switched from the Beta phase to the fully operated version. This new version of the software has brought many revolutionary differences in the business and allows the better operations in the business.

Some of the significant features of the software are discussed in this article. Ipad POS System is a smart way that minimizes the stress of the management system. The older versions were reported with some kind of serious problems which resulted in a huge work load. In the older versions managers were responsible for the scheduling of the employee’s hours and this was done with the help of the tracking time cards manually. This did not give any advantage to the manager. As soon as the latest version of Ipad had been launched named as the Ipad POS System the work system of the managers had changed it had made the work of managing very easy. The reports can be managed within a few seconds. The tasks of the business can be managed in better and a proper way.

It is a user friendly interface whereas the previous versions of the POS Systems required many sessions of training for the employees one after the other to learn about its operations. The new version is a cool interference and is easy to learn in operating it. It is easy for the employees to learn about the Ipad POS system features and functionality of the system which helps in making an effective use in the business.

The Ipad POS System is an easy streamed with the menus that are digital and helps boost the customer experience. These digital menus state as well as provide the help of a better and faster communication; it also ensures the running to be secured. This makes the digital menu software easy as it provides the real time of ordering system which helps working round the clock. It keeps a good record of the money transactions in time which is easy to know if there is any service that is the reason of the loss to the business. The transactions can me made weekly or after every 24 hours.

Amrit is a content writer and has been working for in this article the writer has provided significant uses of the Ipad POS System in the business.

Kids Headphones Smaller earpieces to fit children

Whether you are going out in the car with the kids and their latest favourite DVD on their personal DVD player or you are waiting for an appointment and can’t avoid having to take them along and need to entertain them for a short while, you don’t always want to hear the soundtrack to what they are watching. Everyone’s kids have a favourite DVD that they want to watch over and over again and as a parent you can soon learn to just block the sound out yourself but others may not be so lucky! Investing in a pair of kids headphones can soon save your sanity from the same songs and story over and over again on a long car journey while you are trying to focus on the driving!

The Headphone Centre has the widest and best range of headphones including those specifically designed for use by kids. Made with low volume specifications to prevent damage to little ears and padded for comfort, kid’s headphones are also available in bright colours to apply to little ones! Manufactured in a smaller size than standard headphones they are ideally suited for every child.

If you are looking for kids headphones visit The Headphone Centre online. They offer only the very best products at the best prices and all products are selected for being well designed and manufactured to the highest standards therefore delivering great sound and longevity.